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Concussion Return To Play Information
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Effective last season, TAHA has implemented a staged concussion return to play protocol that MUST be followed before a concussed player can fully return to the team. TAHA is considered a leader in this action and has been recognized by USA Hockey and other Affiliates for our willingness to take active steps to protect our athletes.

The information on the following pages is to be completed by the player, parent or guardian, and/or head coach of the concussed player.

The completion and submission of the requested information electronically, along with the upload of the signed TAHA Concussion Return To Play Protocol Form (available for download below) documenting completion of each stage of the return process and a signed Physician's Release  is required before the player can participate in any team on or off-ice activities.

If you have an questions, please contact:

Mark Servaes

Mark Servaes

Vice President

Phone: 713-204-6066